How do I remove an image background?

To remove an image background, you'll need to upload or add a photo as a graphic.

With your image on the canvas selected, click the "Remove Image Background" toggle in the left-hand pane.

The toggle will flip on and your background will be magically removed!

* Note: This feature is only available on Pro and Team plans.

Recommendations for Background Removals

Here are some recommendations to help you remove image backgrounds from your photos:

Contrast: Make sure the image you are using was taken under good lighting conditions. In order to receive the best results, there should be a noticeable contrast between your foreground and background.

Alignment: Double check to make sure that your images are properly aligned before removing the image background. If you need to flip a graphic or rotate a graphic to the correct orientation, do that before toggling the background removal.

Prefer plain backgrounds: Avoid using backgrounds that are too busy. Using a simple plain background or a background which is blurred compared to the rest of the image will provide the best results.

Sharp foregrounds: You will want to make sure your subject or foreground is sharp and isn't blurry or else your foreground runs the risk of being erased as well.

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